Water Sports in Winter

Putting winter and water sports in the same sentence would surely result in something that we wouldn’t do in any sane mind. Yet, as the winter months draw in, people are still braving the chill and heading out to the water for a variety of reasons. Whether this in on top of the water or in the water, before the invasion of technology, children used to spend their days and evenings outside, even when it was cold.

American winters are notoriously chilly, but that didn’t stop people keeping fit and experiencing activities which can only be done in freezing temperatures. Ice fishing, ice boating, ice hockey and even ice dancing were popular hobbies of people living in Chicago in the 1920’s, and some of these have now transformed into Olympic events. Some which were a little stranger than others have since dwindled, but ice hockey is now a hugely popular sporting game in the U.S all year round, and ice-skating and figure skating a highly regarded skill across the world.

Heading to the water in winter in the U.K seems like crazy concept, after all, it is cold enough on the water banks let alone in the water. However, the adrenaline junkies continue to dive in and many will soldier on to get their thrill. Water-skiing, wind surfing, wake boarding and a hoard of other similar activities will pursue during winter months.

Keeping safe during these activities is as essential as ever, but the winter throws up a few more obstacles and issues that must be paid attention to. Temperatures drop drastically, so it might be worth minimising your time in the water. Once you are out of the water, ensure that you change out of your wet clothes as soon as possible to avoid becoming ill, and ensure that you’ve got plenty of blankets, food and hot beverages on board just in case you become stuck.

Daylight hours are also reduced, so if you are venturing out afar, make sure that you have planned your journey and activities with plenty of time to get home safely. Also make sure that people know your whereabouts and plans, just in case something does go wrong and you don’t end up where and when as expected.

For those who prefer to be a little safer with water in the winter, boating is still a popular past time, but obviously not as quite as popular as it is in the summer. Taking to the water on a frosty winters morning sounds ideal. With the sun shining, frost settled on the grass banks, the fresh air and a hot cup of tea, taking to the water is a relaxing way to spend a weekend. However, this is England, and the weather can be extremely unpredictable. Preparing for torrential rain, windy gusts and miserable grey skies is a must. Looking after your boat as well as yourselves when out boating is essential. For Volvo penta boat parts, visit www.keypart.com/volvo-penta who are able to ensure that you have all you need to keep your boat in tip top condition, and able to survive winter.

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