5 Best Gold Coast Surf Spots

South Stradbroke

Located on an island which is accessed by the spit this spot provides surfers with barreling and powerful beach break comes out of deep water into shallow water and it’s always bigger than the southern end of the Gold Coast. While surfers on the north end of the Gold Coast often struggle for quality waves this break is known as the northern Gold Coast saviour break.

Best when the winds are west (north-west) and favourable in a south swell. Also keep this spot in mind when they are pumping sand from the pipe nearby. If you’re brave enough you can paddle over from the spit rock wall but watch out for the trawlers and be careful of the slippery rocks. Or take a boat across for only $6 return trip, others prefer to take their own boats or jet ski.

In recent times this break has been threatened by the proposed cruise ship terminal and is known to be a favourite of Bede Durbidge and Joel Parkinson.

Currumbin Alley

A favourite for mal, longboard riders and stand up paddle boards, this break favours winds with a southerly aspect and is a gentle soft rolling wave perfect for people to who like to log. This spot is a perfect place to teach your kids to surf but be careful of boats entering and exiting the river mouth. This beach is also patrolled which is a nice added bonus.

Home to a large number of surf schools, Currumbin Alley favours the beginners and with many cafes in walking distance you can have a nice day out with the whole family.


When the sands right out the front a sharkies, a heavy barreling wave. The actual beach stretches 2.5 kms from the point to the headland at Nobby’s Beach

Be careful of the large crowds, there are a lot of locals and tourists who surf here. Burleigh also favours winds from the south. While it is possible to paddle out, the easiest way to get out is to walk around to the top of the headland and jump off the rocks or on the bigger days some surfers prefer to paddle out through Currumbin Alley. Trying to find a park for your car can be an issue due to not only the large number of tourists but also the large number of surfers.


The classic break, world renowned and iconic, when it’s big enough they hold the quicksliver Pro at this location. This is the home break of world champions Parko, Fanning and Rabbit. This is one to check out when the wind has some south in it. Kirra breaks better on the big cyclone swells as we have seen recently from ex category 5 cyclone Marcia. This break usually has a strong sweep so you will need to watch your position but it’s definitely one of the most iconic barreling waves on the planet.


Commonly known as D-Bar and located on the border of New South Wales and Queensland this is another locals favourite, this is one of the most consistent spots on the east-coast of Australia. It has a number of different surf locations, the wall, middle peak and lovers. The average wave is 1.3 meters although it is known to reach as big as 6mtres on a king tide. Duranbah is a very high performance wave suited to a better Surfboard Bag, there are also persistent rips and strong currents which make is potentially not a great place for the less experinced swimmer and Surfboard Cover. If you want to be ‘seen’ you go to D-Bar. This spot is a favourite with overseas visitors for Board covers and locals alike.

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