Things to Avoid In Choosing the Best Boxing Gloves

Boxing is one of the best individual sports known globally. This sport has a lot of following and athletes that are masters of this sport easily become household names internationally. However, the difference of this sport to usual games such as basketball is that it requires a person to hit and not to get hit by his opponent. To be successful, an aspiring boxer must have the talent, the attitude of a champion, and the best boxing gloves. Having cheap boxing gloves does not mean that it is not the best. As long as a person avoids the things below, he can be assured that he has the best boxing gloves.

Messing up with Size and Weight

The best boxing gloves should not just be the gloves that a person will feel comfortable with. Buying gloves that is not suitable for a person’s weight and size will tend practices futile and worthless. The universal weight that fits all boxing purposes is 16 oz boxing gloves.This kind of gloves can be bought as cheap boxing gloves but the user can be certain that16 oz boxing gloves are the best boxing gloves any person can use. Gloves like Mexican gloves.

Using Thin Padded Boxing Gloves

Thin padded boxing gloves provide the feel of less weight and thus faster punches. But this is not healthy for training. The best boxing gloves should put additional weight duringtraining so that during the actual competition the boxer will feel lighter and faster when the additional weight is removed from him. An additional problem caused by thin boxing gloves is that it causes more impact in each punch rather than protect the wrists and knuckles from injury. The best boxing gloves are 16 oz boxing gloves that have added padding on the knuckles and wrist area to provide additional protection.

Trying on Boxing Gloves without Wrap

Never try boxing gloves without hand wraps on. Boxing always require the use of hand wraps before wearing the gloves. A pair of gloves that fit without hand wrap will definitely not fit when worn with hand wraps on. It is important to get used to wearing hand wraps in training, in sparring, and even in trying out a pair of gloves. The best boxing gloves will provide perfect fit with hand wraps on. Hand wraps protect the arms and wrist from injury that is why it is important to have it all the time.

Defense Devices you shouldn’t Pass Up

It’s been years since I experienced an attack in New York City and it still feels like yesterday.  I was much younger then and either I didn’t realize that I could possibly carry some sort of weaponry or was it the fact that self defense devices weren’t as available to the public as they are now.  In thinking back I’m sure it had to be for the lack of opportunity as I know if I had the means to carry a less-lethal weapon I would have.  I’m just that kind of person.  Thinking about personal safety and what I can do to protect me and those I love dearly.

We all should feel that way.  In today’s market with the vast array of products there’s no reason to not have a self defense weapon with you at all times.  This is a critical factor in personal protection.  That being said, I have few product recommendations I would like to extend out to you in hopes you will take my advice and purchase you and your loved ones a defense tool.

The first line of product I want to speak about is the pepper spray.  These devices are not only small, they are easy to carry and very affordable.  You can purchase self defense sprays for as little as $5 depending on what and where you buy it.  Now I would think that items that come in this cheap surely would warrant your attention. I know it would warrant mine.

There’s a large variety so it can be confusing on which one to get.  If you are one who doesn’t really want anyone to know what you are carrying then I suggest the Lipstick Pepper Spray or Pepper Pen.  For now I’ll only write on the Lipstick Pepper Spray as it’s one of my favorites.

Lipstick Pepper SprayThe Lipstick Pepper Spray is one of the smallest pepper sprays on the market. Even with its small sizing it still contains 20 half second bursts and sprays up to ten feet.  It also comes in five different color choices for your convenience.  Although this particular self defense spray is mainly designed for women it’s a superior defense device.

The next product I want to write on is the Pretender Stun Gun.  Its appearance is of a camera cell phone however it is in fact a supreme stunning device.  It’s 4.5 million volts of power is nothing to sneeze at.  It has two levels of safety built in; one being that the switch has to be in the ON position and the other being the trigger has to be pressed in order for the stun gun to perform.

Pretender Stun GunOne of the best features it possesses is the fact that it doesn’t require batteries to operate.  It has a built in charger so you simply plug it into the wall outlet as you would your normal cell phone.  It’s also very compact with dimensions of only 4″ x 2″ x 1″ and comes in two colors.  Now I would say that this defense device has all the  necessities anyone could want!  This is the only two products that I’ve mentioned in this writing however, with the many others available to the general public your choices are endless.  Just think how well you can help you and your loved ones with products such as these.

Take your personal protection serious and purchase self defense devices today.  In the end if you never need to use it and we hope you never do, it will still have been worth the very small investment you would have paid out on it originally.  You’ll certainly be glad you did.