Get the benefits of babies swim lesson and make your children stronger

Babies swim lesson has various health benefits. It not just makes babies stronger and healthy but also makes them life saving skill at an early age. This is an important activity that enhances the endurance of body and makes them strong and healthy. Therefore, it is the duty of every parent to take up this lesson for their babies at their early stage.

It is a known fact that babies have natural empathy with water and so they feel liberated in water as it is a liberated environment. These types of feelings stay with babies up to six months that enable them to hold their breath underwater for a long time. Babies swim lesson help them to learn the basic strokes of swimming up to six months and therefore push themselves through the water. Babies swim lesson has been categorized in Dubai swim academy to make them learn natural reflexes of swimming while learning the basic strokes of it through the water.

In swim lesson of baby, submersion is a part but the trainers don’t focus much on it. These types of exercises are gentle and both children and parents can undertake this when they feel happy and ready in the water. The swim academy in Dubai has been organized for both babies and ladies where babies can learn the swim strokes with their mummies and mummies can also develop their inner swim skills under the supervision of trained swimmers. The swim academy in Dubai has been specifically designed for babies. If you are thinking about the chlorine level of pool water, you can be relaxed that the swim academy in Dubai has adopted a particular UV water sanitation system which is a new innovation for swimming pools. This newly opened academy do regular testing of pool water and recycles it six times every single day. Not just only this, if you would like to monitor your baby personally, you can do so and both of you can share the wonderful experience together.

Babies feel comfortable in water because they spent nine months in their mother’s womb. This is the main reason why they underwater bath so much and starting swim lesson of babies at an early stage is the most effective decision that will not only help your baby to grow up physically but also develop their inner skills at their tender age. The swim lesson program for babies has been specially designed for babies. If you are not ready to take up your babies swim lesson, then you must start giving your children swim lesson by the age of four.

There are several benefits attached with babies swim lesson program in Dubai. The sooner you start teaching your baby how to swim, the better. One of the most noticeable improvements you can observe is the development strides that they take whenever it comes to their physical and mental environment.

Try Kitesurfing to surf the thrill on water

Kitesurfing is one of the popular extreme sports, loved by adventurists, from across the globe. This surface water sport is very similar to surfing. A large size kite is used in the game to achieve the speed and surf on the water surface. The surfer harnesses the force, generated by a power kite, which is attached with a control panel. Additionally, there is a uniquely designed surfing board in the sport of kitesurfing. The surfer utilizes the kite and its force to control his activities on the surface of the water.

Kiteboarding can be performed in nearly all open water areas, during moderate weather conditions.

Skills required for kiteboarding

Being an adventure sport, the kitesurfing requires some specific set of skills from the performers. Most importantly, the surfer should have a calm nature, as it is something that is going to play a key role during the gaming activity. The cool nature helps you maneuver the kite’s control panel expediently.

Controlling the kite and speed

You need to learn how to fly the kite, and control it while surfing the water. It is the kite that gives you speed and direction during the sports. Therefore, it is very important for you to learn the skills of operating the kite. Most importantly, you should bear the knowledge of how to stop the kite. Moreover, you should also gain the awareness of riding the surf board. If you are good at water surfing, then it will not be an uphill task for you.

In the starting, it is prudent to pick up how to simply ride the board. Only after mastering at this, you should try other stunts like jumping.

Where to learn kitesurfing

There are a number of Kitesurf Thailand institutes that give training classes to beginners. They train the learners with the basics of the game, as well as how to control the kite and speed during the event. They deploy the standard equipment for the schooling, thus, these classes become a great scope for the newcomers. If you are planning to enroll for a training course, it is advisable to join an IKO instructor course. IKO stands for International Kite Organization, which promotes reliable kiteboarding education and the safe practices of the sport. It is also suggested to choose a training center that has been accredited by IKO.


The apparatuses required to perform the kiteboarding stunts are: kites, control panel, harness, and the surfing board. There are various websites that offer kiteboarding kits online. But, it would be better to purchase the accessories from a place suggested by your trainer or training school.