Choose the right shoes for the right workout

All shoes are not created equal. Even setting aside differences in quality and durability, one pair of sneakers simply cannot do everything a workout requires.

And it’s not just a comfort thing. A study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports showed that when people used more multiple pairs of sneakers when exercising where nearly 40 percent less likely to be injured. Are you willing to risk your health over something as simple as a pair of sneakers?

The biggest mistake people make is buying a pair of general purpose running shoes and trying to lift weights while wearing them. The thickly cushioned soles hurt stability, and you can’t predict how they’ll shift from rep to rep. That leaves you open to injury, and it means you’re not able to focus on technique like you should. Instead, a pair of shoes specifically designed for weightlifting, such as Heyday Footwear’s Super Shift, with a flat, incompressible sole is the right choice. Shoes like that are more stable and more predictable, and don’t limit your strength the way a highly cushioned running shoe would.

The right shoes can keep you healthy and can make sure you’re actually getting the most benefit from your lifting regimen. If you lift your heels when doing squats or deadlifts, you run the risk of hurting yourself, and you aren’t getting the full effect of the exercise you’re doing. Having a shoe with a flat, incompressible sole ensures that your leg muscles contract harder, and also helps you push your feet to the outside. That lets you focus on keeping your knees in the proper position and activates your glutes. What’s the point of lifting if you aren’t seeing increases in strength in the muscle groups you’re trying to work, after all?

The Super Shift has more benefits that it’s sole, however. The eyes are moved farther back on the upper of the shoe, with offers better ankle support and locks your heels into the back of the shoe. That means more stability and more comfort.

The key to choosing the right workout shoes is personal—what exercises do you focus on? Some exercises, like Olympic lifts, deep squats, overhead squats and power cleans, are easier with a shoe that has a slight heel. That heel makes deadlifts, calf raises and backs squats more difficult, however. If you find yourself doing far more back squats that Olympic lifts, then look for a completely flat shoe.

Not everyone can afford a shoe for each kind of workout, though. There are still options that can work as an all-around gym shoe. The Heyday Footwear Prime Trainer is designed with a thin, incompressible sole, but unlike shoes designed only for weightlifting, it offers a 10mm tall heel. That’s the same as most running shoes, so it offers comfort and support for cardio exercises, cross-training and HIIT while still being suitable for weightlifting.

To get the maximum benefit from every kind of exercise, it makes the most sense to have shoes that are designed to fulfill one purpose extremely well. That limits the risk of injury, helps with your technique and gets you the most benefit from your workout routine. You wouldn’t try to run a marathon on ice skates, nor would you try to go out on the ice in running shoes. Picking shoes for the gym follows the same basic idea—the right tool (or shoe in this case) for the right job.

No matter what shoes you end up using, they should have soles that offer good traction and should support your ankles well. Those two basic standards help prevent injuries common when working out.

How to Make Your Moose hunting Journey a Success

Hunting is many people’s hobby and they are ready to anything for that. For those individuals, it is important to know that the state of Alaska is one of the popular hunting destinations all over the world as the state is home to several animals like bear, wolves, moose, deers and others.

The state’s increasing popularity as a hunting destination is the only reason why most of the people come here, it can be for hunting down a moose, grizzly or any other animal. Alaska is better known as hunters paradise and in addition to that also known for its varying temperatures as in the winters, temperature goes beyond 0 degree Celsius to even minus 50 degrees and in summers, it goes above 30 degree Celsius. The state is also quite popular for its mountains and of the top twenty peaks in the United States about 17 are in Alaska.

Moose hunting Alaska is a common activity here as you can find a great population of moose in the state, which is quite rare in other parts of the world. If you are planning to go for a moose hunting trip in the near future, then there are certain things that you need to take care of for making it a success.

Below are some tips for moose hunting in Alaska or anywhere:

  • The first thing and the most important thing that every hunter needs is a hunting license that ensures you are professional hunter. So before going to hunt down any animal you will need it, if you don’t have, then you need to make it.
  • The second thing is to get permission from the local authority to hunt down any animal, which is called a harvest ticket, which is as important as a hunting license.
  • The third thing is the knowledge of the area where you are going, in case you don’t know much about the place and start your journey, there will be chances that you can be lost in the wilderness. So, you need to do some research about the area over the web to get familiar with it.
  • Last, but not the least is to have proper hunting equipment and protective gear, which includes a top-notch quality rifle, transport gear, tarpaulin, camouflage gear and butchering accessories. When you will have all that with you, then there will be more chances of achieving success.

If you want to make yourself free from doing all this, then you can contact a hunting company that will help you out during your journey. When you choose a hunting company, then there is no need to carry own hunting equipment and gear as everything is being provided by the company.