Taking Control of your Personal Protection

When you take the initiative in your personal protection you are simply being smart.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  I carry defense spray with me on a daily basis and only hope that others are doing the same.  Whether it is pepper sprays, stun guns or a taser gun it’s a wise decision.  Some people I know that have seen the pepper spray hanging on my keychain react by chuckling or making the comment you carry pepper spray?  Well, yes I do carry pepper spray because I’m being proactive in my defense.  These individual’s don’t seem to get it as many out there also.  They act as though it’s unnecessary and I’m being paranoid.  I and you alike shouldn’t think of carrying any weaponry as being paranoid, rather being prepared for an event you may not want to find yourself in.  Who’s the smarter person here?

By spraying the pepper spray in this guys face it will give me a better chance of escaping unharmed.  Now I don’t know about you but doesn’t it make better sense to carry a self defense weapon than have nothing to help you defend yourself?

In today’s times with the crime rates out of control and only getting worse it’s almost a sure bet that you or I will come across an attacker in our lifetime, especially women.  We are targeted more as we are considered to be the weaker of the sexes.  The thought of this makes me angry however this is a great part of our society today and we have to deal with it.

A couple of ways to becoming proactive is to pay attention to your surroundings.  It’s like riding a motorcycle, you have to have eyes around your entire head, looking, checking to see if someone is following you or lurking behind a car or in the bushes.  This is very important as you are running around doing errands, going to work, the gym or whatever it is you need to do.  Take precaution when parking your vehicle.  Try to stay in well-lit areas and park as close to the building entrance as possible.  When leaving the building to go to your vehicle it’s also important that you are watching.  Someone can be following you out of the building as well.  Make sure you have your keys in ready mode so you aren’t fumbling for them at the vehicle.

Walking with extreme confidence like you have a purpose is also crucial.  Holding your head high, looking straight away instead of down at your feet gives the attacker the sense of self strength in you, for this reason he may not want to take you on.  He would much rather seek out his next victim who appears to be easily intimidated and weak.

Bottom line here is we should be carrying self defense devices for our personal protection.  Take action in preparing for your personal safety and pay attention.  You can only help yourself or a loved one by doing this.  It’s alright to carry, be proactive and take control of your defense even if nothing ever happens and we hope it never will, at least you would have been prepared unlike so many others who are not.

5 Great Reasons to go Roller Skating

Roller skating is one of those pastimes that can be enjoyed by people of any age. It has long been a favourite amongst children and whilst it is quite often seen as a hobby, roller skating is increasingly being viewed as a serious sport. There is so much to choose from, you can try inline skating, artistic skating, speed skating, inline hockey and of course the fabulous roller derby!

Even if you haven’t skated in years, be sure to grab your roller skates – lessons are easy to come by (check out roller skating in Browns Plains) and you will be sure to have heaps of fun. However, if you are still sitting on the fence, then here are 5 great reasons to book in for some roller skating lessons:

1. Boosts self-confidence: Roller skating is a great way to relax and de-stress and we all know that being in a positive frame of mind helps to boost our self-confidence.

2. Improves physical health: Skating is a fun way to improve our health and incorporate exercise into our lifestyles. Cardiovascular function and muscle strength are both increased, balance and coordination are enhanced and skating is actually quite easy on the joints.

3. Encourages team work: Competitive skating, such as roller derby or inline hockey is a great way to encourage team work in children. Skating promotes fair play, cooperation and respect for others and develops a sense of belonging – all skills that are invaluable for our children to learn.

4. Make new friends: Introduce yourself and your children to a whole host of potential new friends and expand your social circle. Skating rinks have lots of social events, such as discos, holiday skating sessions, birthday parties, Halloween skates, Friday night skating, Christmas skates and lots more. You might start out alone, but you will make lots of new friends very quickly when you start roller skating in Browns Plains.

5. Skating is fun: There is no denying it, but skating is serious fun for everyone. If you have a lack of fun in your life or your kids are bored, then you can do no better than spending a few hours or a whole day at your local skating rink. Roller skating is really cool and before you know it, you will have made lots of new friends and will be telling everyone about the great time you had at the skating rink.